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Culture and sports

Karine Engebretsen Endret:22.11.2017 13:13 Emneord (los) Kultur og fritid

Services of culture and sports in Halden municipality

  • The fortress with all it has to offer
  • Culture hall - Brygga Kultursal
  • Culture school, rock centre and youth centre
  • Rich music and amateur theatre scene
  • Cultural block:
    • Theatre, cinema, library, recording studio, school of the performing arts, youth club, the Konservativen community centre and Black Box
  • Drama groups
  • Seven marching bands, nine choirs
  • Halden is best known for success in orienteering, bicycling and swimming
  • Around 47 sports clubs with approximately 9000 memebers
  • Indoors skating rink, swimming pool, new sports stadium, three football pitches with artifical grass and artifical snow facilities
  • Five recreational cabins
  • Six lighted skiing paths
  • Signposted hiking paths all over the muncipality

Historical introduction

The town received its charter in 1665. It had then become a major point of defence after Sweden had taken over the former Norwegian territory stretching almost to Gothenburg.

Apart from its military importance, the town was also a major exporter of timber and an important centre of commerce and shipping. 

The town was almost completely devastated by fire in 1826 and rebuilt soon afterwards. Thus, apart from the fortress and a few buildings north of the river, the historic town centre has a remarkably uniform neo-classical appearance.

We recommend one ore more of the leisure walks to get a certain impression of the historic town.
                                                                           (Text: Tor Neumann, association Haldens Minder)

Ask for more information about the leisure walks or "What to do in Halden" at your local tourist-information. 

 Contact us

​Questions about Halden municipalities services in culture
and sports? We'll be delighted to help you!

Please send an email to Kulturkontoret
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